ESAB has opened a dedicated Configuration Centre at its Denton, Texas, facility to support the introduction of GCE Druva® specialty gas equipment and valve production lines in North America.

Source: ESAB

ESAB announced that North American distributors and end-users now have full access to the GCE Druva specialty gas equipment and GCE valves product lines

The Configuration Centre, which serves both the GCE and Victor® brands, is isolated from the manufacturing areas for Victor industrial products, which are also part of the ESAB portfolio.

“The Configuration Centre provides build-to-order services for specialty gas equipment products in a specially designed clean-room environment,” said Curt Rocha, Global Product and Business Director Gas Equipment, ESAB.

“We have also added GCE-dedicated engineering, applications, assembly and sales support teams to ensure ‘best-in-class’ equipment solutions and quick-turnaround.”

As well as the completion of the Configuration Centre, ESAB also announced that North American distributors and end-users now have full access to the GCE Druva® specialty gas equipment and GCE valves product lines.

Since completing the acquisition of GCE (Gas Control Equipment), which has headquarters in Sweden, in October 2018, ESAB has focused on aligning its global product offerings and innovations into four focus areas: cutting and welding, healthcare, specialty gas equipment and cylinder valves.

The GCE Druva product line focuses on products for the control and distribution of high-purity and specialty gases used in research and manufacturing processes. Products include those for analytical laboratory, semiconductor, automotive, petrochemical, and many other high-tech industries. The GCE druva product line provides highly configurable gas control equipment well suited for central gas supply systems used in state of the art laboratories.

The GCE Cylinder valves product range encompasses standard valves, residual pressure valves (RPV), industrial and medical valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR), stainless steel specialty gas valves, medical valves, dip tubes and guards.

“Because of the breadth and depth of the GCE portfolio and the myriad of inlet/outlet/cylinder connections available, we can offer North American customers the most configurable specialty gas and valve equipment in the world,” Rocha said.

“The investment ESAB has made in physical assets and personnel further differentiates us from competitors. We encourage anyone looking to determine the most suitable components or optimal laboratory layout to contact GCE customer care to reach our dedicate support team.”