The industrial gas trade mission, a major deal worth $26bn whereby ethane is to be exported from the US to China, is now in progress.

INEOS, a chemical company headquartered in London, will be the first to supply ethane from the US to SP Chemicals Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore SP Chemicals PTE Ltd., in Taixing, Jiangsu province, China. The gas will be used for a new 650 thousand tonnes per annum cracking plant.

To receive the ethane in bulk, a receiving terminal is being built in Taixing. This will be the first large-scale cryogenic ethane receiving terminal in China and will be jointly designed and fabricated by Shanghai TGE Gas Engineering Co Ltd. (TGE) and Nanjing Yangtze Petrochemical Design Engineering Co Ltd. (YPDI), subsidiaries of CIMC Enric.

The terminal will accommodate two sets of 120000 m3 cryogenic propane storage tank, two 3000 m3 propane spherical storage tanks, two 2000 m3 mixed C4 spherical tanks, and 12 sets of 250 m3 liquid methane tanks.

The terminal is expected to be put into operation in phases starting from January 2019 with the construction of the whole terminal scheduled to be complete by April 2019.

Another subsidiary of CIMC Enric, Nantong CIMC SinoPacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. has built six multi-purpose carriers, each with a capacity of 27500 m3, for delivery of ethane, LNG, LPG, or ethylene. They have been chartered to deliver the first batch of liquefied ethane from the US to the terminals of INEOS in the UK and Norway.