At the beginning of the year, Swiss TS Technical Services AG, IWT AG (Materials Technology Institute) and Swissi AG merged to form the new Swiss Safety Center AG.

Owned in full by the SVTI Group, the company said the merger will give customers and business partners access to an even wider range of services in the areas of technical safety and risk management from a single source.

gasworld spoke to Raffael Schubiger, Swiss Safety Center AG’s CEO, to find out more about the newly formed company and how the merger came about.


The free market economy activities of the SVTI Group have historically continued to grow

in the course of increasing liberalisation in the area of testing, inspection and certification (TIC). The establishment of the certification body was started in 1993, and in 2001 the merger of the former SVTI Services AG with TÜV (Schweiz) AG led to the formation of Swiss TS Technical Services AG (Swiss TS) in 2001.

This was based on the intention to strengthen SVTI’s executive offices for their executive duties. Also, in the same year, the SVTI Group acquired IWM Institut für Werkstofffragen und Materialprüfungen AG (IWM).

Together with a part of the Empa department 136 “Materials Integrity and Corrosion”, which was taken over by Empa, the IWT Institut für Werkstofftechnologie AG (IWT) was created in 2009. A little later, in 2012, Swissi AG joined the SVTI Group via a majority stake.

“All three market economy oriented companies of the SVTI Group (SwissTS, IWT and Swissi) needed a certain period of time to sharpen their products and successfully position themselves as a company in the free market,” Schubiger explained. “Although the core competencies of the three companies lie in different areas of safety-related services, there were still some business areas that overlapped and were partly built up redundantly. In addition, more and more synergy potentials in the areas of marketing, IT, HR and finance emerged in the three companies over the years.”

Analysis and reorientation

“An analysis of the three companies carried out at the beginning of 2017 confirmed this fact. This created space for the development of a new vision, which envisaged the creation of a lean, dynamic company with flat hierarchies.”

“This company should operate under the scope of safety/quality throughout Switzerland and also in Europe and the rest of the world, develop satisfactory net margins, adapt quickly to new situations and have satisfied employees,” he said.

At the end of June 2017, following preliminary clarifications and preparations, the SVTI Executive Board approved the implementation project for the realisation of this vision - the OCOB (One Company, One Brand) project with a short implementation period of about six months was born.

“The merge of these companies to Swiss Safety Center AG on 1st January 2018 means that our customers and business partners will in future be able to benefit from an even broader range of services in the fields of technical safety and risk management from a single source, such as: certification of management systems, products and people; system safety, assembly conformity, functional safety 4.0; safety-related calculations, simulations, model calculations; fire protection, occupational health and safety, occupational environment protection; integral risk management; materials technology, stationary and mobile; destructive and non-destructive tests, damage analyses,” Schubiger highlighted.

“The already extensive training activities will also be further expanded. This means that existing redundancies can now also be reduced, and the identified synergy potentials can be realised,” he concluded.

The Executive Board of SVTI and the management bodies of the Swiss Safety Center AG are pleased that this merger represents a further step towards a successful future, providing even better support for customers and in the service of safety.