Hygienic and aseptic valves and components, membrane technology for beer, dairy and water applications, beverage dispensing equipment, and carbon dioxide (CO2) systems are just some of the products Pentair is showcasing at drinktec 2017 this week.

Held in Munich, drinktec is the ‘world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry’. Under the central theme of ‘Advancing Together’, the specialised food and beverage equipment manufacturer is showcasing its latest innovations and integrated solutions for the beer, beverage, food, dairy and wine industries across its trusted brands. 

Karl Frykman, Pentair Water’s President, explained, “Many customers attend drinktec to learn about the latest technologies that will help maximise production uptime while minimising product loss and operating expenses related to energy usage, cleaning fluids and water. Our wide range of integrated products and solutions allow customers to seamlessly develop, as well as maintain, extremely efficient operations while delivering high quality products to their customers.”

Pentair told gasworld they are showcasing a BMF+ Flux Compact S4 system, industry-leading range of CO2 technologies, next generation Haffmans Turbidity Metre – type Vos Rota 2.0 and unmatched selection of hygienic and aseptic valves and components.

“The small-scale BMF solution for craft and small breweries has an annual output of up to 100,000 hectoliters. The system provides a fully automated process that can be interrupted at any time, which is especially beneficial to craft brewers who produce a wide variety of beers. The BMF +Flux Compact S4 system enables customers to consistently run small batches while producing excellent quality and minimizing beer loss to less than one percent,” the company explained. 

In addition, Pentair will highlight how it securely uses the internet to help customers monitor a system’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), as well as collect and visualize actual and historical system data, and create opportunities for direct interaction for its BMF systems, carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery systems and quality control devices.

The recent addition of Union Engineering’s products and service capabilities to Pentair’s portfolio has created a global leader in CO2 technology, enabling Pentair to offer an extended range of CO2 capturing, recovering and purifying systems. Recent innovations include the CO2mpactBrew, a small-scale containerized CO2 recovery system. This 25 to 160kg/h plug-and-play system provides customers with the highest-quality CO2 and enables craft and small breweries to be CO2 self-sufficient.

For the food and beverage industry, Pentair offers a broad selection of valves and components including double and single seat, butterfly and many specialty valves. At drinktec 2017, a special focus will be on Pentair’s comprehensive range of Südmo mix-proof process valves, innovative sealing technologies and associated control and feedback equipment. The Südmo mix-proof valves are widely recognized for combining superior reliability and ease of maintenance.

The “reliable and easy-to-use” Haffmans Turbidity Metre Pentair will be showcasing has a measuring range of 500 EBC/34,600 ASBC, which the company says makes the instrument suitable for a wide range of beer types, including very turbid beers.

Pentair’s products at this year’s trade fair will include hygienic and aseptic valves and components, membrane technology for beer, dairy and water applications, continuous beverage processing, CO2 systems, beverage dispensing equipment, quality control equipment, microfiltration and biogas upgrading. Key Pentair brands that serve the food and beverage industry and will be featured at drinktec 2017 include Haffmans, Südmo, Beverage Filtration Solutions, X-Flow, Shurflo, Everpure and Union Engineering.

To learn more, visit Pentair at drinktec 2017 in hall B3, booth 313.