Gas report: Oxygen


Few elements have left such an indelible mark on humanity’s progress like oxygen. Our main life support system, this versatile gas has evolved into an irreplaceable asset in various industrial sectors, shaping the way we manufacture, innovate and heal.

The journey of oxygen as an industrial gas began in the late 18th century when a series of groundbreaking experiments unveiled its true nature. Chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier played a pivotal role in deciphering oxygen’s properties, labelling it as the ‘life-sustaining principle’ and solidifying its place in scientific understanding. This revelation sparked a new era, heralding the advent of industrial applications for oxygen.

Production and supply

Oxygen is extracted from Earth’s atmosphere through fractional distillation. Air separation units work to isolate and collect oxygen in a pure form. This industrially scaled production enables a reliable supply of oxygen, meeting the diverse needs of various sectors.

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