Flogas Britain, a supplier of liquified natural gas (LNG), has added liquid biomethane (Bio-LNG) to its off-grid energy supply, marking the industry’s first Bio-LNG solution for commercial and industrial operations.

The new Bio-LNG, which is available immediately, is targeted at businesses running continuous, energy-intensive manufacturing or industrial processes, as well as the transportation industry.

“Adding Bio-LNG to our off-grid energy supply is a real step-change for the business and shows just how serious we are about building a lower carbon future for the UK,” said David Taylor, Head of Corporate Affairs and Innovation at Flogas.

“Whilst this renewable biogas is already in its infancy across the transport industry, we’re the very first to bring it to off-grid commercial and industrial companies – and we’re delighted to be leading the way.”

Bio-LNG is produced during the anaerobic digestion (AD) process, which breaks down organic matter (such as food, sewage sludge or animal waste) to produce methane-rich biogas.

The process makes Bio-LNG a renewable energy source that produces fewer carbon emissions than other off-grid fuels and pollutants.

“We already supply tens of thousands of tonnes of conventional LNG each year for industrial use but as the UK moves towards a commitment to cut emissions to ‘Net Zero’ by 2050, Bio-LNG is perfectly place to fuel industry.”

“Businesses already running their operations using LNG can switch to Bio-LNG instantly.” 

“At Flogas we’re so convinced by the benefits of Bio-LNG that we’ve just added new Bio-LNG trucks to our own fleet. These trucks are just one of many positive steps the business is taking, as we move towards a cleaner, greener future,” Taylor concluded.

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Source: Flogas Britain