FS-Elliot Co., LLC, a centrifugal air compressor manufacturer, has launched a redesigned website in order to provide visitors with a more comprehensive understanding of its range of compressed air solutions.

Interactive product images, educational white papers and current customer case studies make up the new key features of the online revamp and additionally, first-time visitors will experience the potential, personalised applications of an FS-Elliot compressor.

The updated online portal also introduces the US-based company’s AirCompare® Life-Cycle Costs Calculator, which makes money comparisons on energy and maintenance costs between standard compressed air systems and an FS-Elliot centrifugal air compressor.

Neil Owen, Global Marketing Manager, explained, “Our new website is part of ongoing efforts to provide users with quick and easy access to product information as well as resources to help them better understand centrifugal compressor technology and what decisions they can make to lower their costs.”

Sue Benes, Polaris+ Product Marketing Manager, reinforced, “Personalising the experience of visiting our website and providing access to tools like AirCompare provides compressed air users the resources necessary for making the best decisions of their local plants.”