FuelCell Energy, Inc. has announced that the SureSource3000™ fuel cell power plant operating on Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG) has received the California Air Resources Board’s Distributed Generation Certification to the 2013 Waste Gas Standard.

This certification is necessary for any distributed generation equipment to be exempt from air permit requirements in the State of California. Attainment of this certification recognises the clean air profile of SureSource solutions and exemption from other permitting processes for individual installations reduce costs and supports customer sustainability goals.

President and CEO of FuelCell Energy, Chip Bottone, said, “The 2.8MW SureSource 3000 and the earlier certificated 1.4MW SureSource 1500 solutions are the only power plants to achieve this CARB 2013 certification operating on renewable biogas, which illustrates our leadership position in providing affordable ultra-clean on-site renewable power.”

Biogas derived from anaerobic digesters is a by-product produced at facilities for municipal wastewater treatment, food and beverage processing, and agricultural waste handling.

A press release said, “This renewable fuel typically has lower energy content and more contaminants than pipeline natural gas. SureSource power plants are uniquely suited for this fuel since they are able to use the low-Btu gas without a de-rating of power plant output, and the power plants produce usable thermal energy which can support the digester operation.”