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  • 13th Dec - Gas Innovations

    2019 in Review: Gas Innovations


    Ashley Madray, Vice-President of Gas Innovations, says one of the company’s greatest achievements of 2019 includes the acquisition and related deliveries of large sums of cryogenic hydrocarbons, ethane, ethylene and methane (LNG).

  • BCGA 2017 preview

    Booking open for 2020 BCGA conference


    The helium market, dry ice applications and dangerous goods are just three of the topics set to be discussed at the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) annual conference next year – which is now open for bookings.


    MENA 2019: Day two recap


    The opportunities are there, the technologies are ready and the MENA region is primed to realise its next wave of growth.

  • 11th Dec - Dohmeyer

    2019 in Review: Dohmeyer


    Incredibly busy throughout 2019, Dohmeyer is showing no signs of slowing down as the company details the products it plans to launch in 2020, as well as highlights from the past 12 months.

  • renato-QUOTE-MENA19

    Renato Imeri: You have to be brave and strategic


    More than 200 delegates from the region and around the world have reconvened at the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City hotel complex in Dubai (UAE) for Day Two of gas world’s flagship MENA Industrial Gases Conference 2019.


    MENA 2019: Day two set to begin


    Day two of the MENA Industrial Gases Conference 2019 is about to get officially underway, with the keynote talk of SOL Group’s Renato Imeri.

  • 10th Dec - INOX

    2019 in Review: INOXCVA


    Savir Julka, INOXCVA’s Global Head of Marketing (Industrial Gas), summarises the company’s 2019 highlights, what future he sees for the gases market in India and what he thinks is the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases in India.


    Ghasemi: We are proud to be in this part of the world


    The Middle East region is rich in its history, loaded with opportunities and Air Products is proud to be a part of it, says the Tier One company’s Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi.


    MENA Conference set to begin


    More than 200 delegates from the region and around the world have gathered at the Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City hotel complex in Dubai (UAE) for gas world’s flagship MENA Industrial Gases Conference 2019.

  • 9th Dec - Pulsa

    2019 in Review: Pulsa Sensors


    Entering the market in late 2018, 2019 has been a year of getting even closer to its customers for Pulsa Sensors, as its Head of Business Development Sam Fatoohi highlights to gasworld in the latest instalment of our 2019 in Review Series.

  • 6th Dec - Bob Carrell

    2019 in Review: Hoffer Flow Controls


    In the latest instalment of the 2019 in Review Series, Hoffer’s Bob Carrell shares his dreams for the company’s future, including seeing its cryogenic flow meters in orbit on vehicles around the Moon and Mars to provide refuelling services for interplanetary space vehicles.

  • IMG_1159 (modified) 1

    Cryogenic tanks


    The beam tank design has been a staple of UK-based bulk liquid tank manufacturer UBH International since the late 1980s, when engineers first came up with a revolutionary design to maximise structural integrity whilst trying to create something that would have the unique selling point of being one of the ...

  • RGB_497A5076

    Bulk transportation: Mobile pipelines on the rise


    There can be little doubt that the last few years has seen a sharp increase in the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, particularly in public transport but also increasingly in freight, maritime and private transport as well.

  • 4th Dec - Stanley Levandowski

    2019 in Review: CIRCOR Cryogenics


    As Stanley Levandowski, Senior Program Manager, Cryogenics, at CIRCOR Cryogenics, reflects on 2019, he says he has never been as excited about the future of the cryogenics and industrial gas markets as he is today.

  • shutterstock_1251522655

    Registration open for ICEC28-ICMC2020


    Registration is open for the 28 th International Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference 2020.

  • Successful team leader, Businessman hand choose people standing out from the crowd_1202867371

    BCGA announces new CEO


    After 14 years at the helm of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), CEO Doug Thornton is retiring and will be replaced by Ellen Daniels, the national trade body announced today.

  • 2nd Dec - Ernst Bode

    2019 in Review: Messer


    Ernst Bode, Chief Operating Officer at Messer, reflects on 2019 and tells gas world’s Senior News Journalist Joanna Sampson that the Messer’s return to the American market was “ not only the biggest highlight of the year” for the company, but the “biggest highlight of the decade”.

  • downwardtrend arrow

    Hardgoods and gases sales slow in Q3


    Sales of hardgoods and gases fell in third quarter of 2019, according to the Baird/gasworld Q3 2019 Welding and Industrial Gas Survey and Fabrication Channel Checks.

  • TILE_Adam Bromley-02

    Kief Cannabis: Putting the craft back into cannabis


    If you had asked Adam Bromley when he arrived in Winnipeg, Canada in 2010 what he would be doing as a job in nine years’ time, working in the cannabis industry wouldn’t have crossed his mind.

  • pic 1 AC DZS VSD+

    Atlas Copco releases app


    Atlas Copco has launched an app which enables vacuum pumps to be controlled and monitored in real time from a smartphone.