Gasmet, the gas monitoring equipment manufacturer from Finland, has demonstrated that its FTIR gas analyser is the ideal device for measuring greenhouse gases (GHG) from soil.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O), released from soils into the atmosphere are primarily biogenic by origin and represent a major source of GHGs. Thanks to the FTIR’s portable, robust and battery-powered features, reliable onsite analysis can be carried out to measure GHG soil fluxes.

One of the most widely used techniques to measure soil fluxes is a chamber method in which an open-bottom soil chamber is placed on the ground and the concentration changes per chamber footprint area are measured over time. The soil chamber can be integrated with a Gasmet gas analyser, forming a closed-loop system in which the gas sample is circulated through the analyser back to the chamber.

Gasmet provides two field-deployable non-destructive FTIR gas analysers for continuous multicomponent gas analyses: DX4040 and DX4015. These hardy gas analysers enable the measurement up to 50 different gas compounds simultaneously, and the results can be obtained in less than three minutes. Both of the analysers are ideal for field work and capable of taking samples from several chambers automatically.

The FTIR technology is well-suited for measurements of multiple gases over wide ranges, and is ideal for different soil types. Users also have the ability to follow concentration changes in real-time, and to study and analyse the results as soon as they are collected.