Over 210 delegates are now in the heart of Chicago for gasworld’s highly anticipated CO2 Summit. Now, arguably more than ever, carbon dioxide (CO2) is dominating headlines both here in the US and across the pond in Europe - and it’s yet again going to be in focus when sessions kick off here, in the windy city, tomorrow.

Less than two months ago, gasworld reported that a tightening in supply of supply shortages of CO2 was continuing to hit businesses across the US, and these strains are still causing headwinds for companies today.

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In Europe, gasworld just last week (Sep 16) learned that the ongoing challenges facing the market are beginning to deepen, with the tight supply chain coming to a head for many end-users and suppliers.

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This ongoing supply and demand battle, as well as new opportunities, applications and equipment will be discussed under one roof at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile.

All under one roof

Whether you’re a local distributor looking to keep up-to-date on the latest application trends, a national supplier focused on market make-up, a global innovator looking for the latest in capture and utilisation opportunities, or even an end-user keen to stay in the know on all things CO2, the Summit will provide the ultimate opportunity to capture the very latest trends and talking point.

With parallel sessions (session three and four, and five and six) at the applications level, there’s everything you need to know about the markets driving growth for all in the CO2 industry. Afternoon session will be split between the venue’s Marriot Ballroom and the Northwestern, Purdue, Ohio and Wisconsin rooms for an afternoon of double content.

If the rampant growth in cannabis markets Is your area of interest, then make sure you don’t miss session five to learn more and hear from experts in the field. If your focus is more on the cold chain and pharmaceuticals, however, then don’t miss session six.

Likewise, choose between different ends of the food and beverages business discussion, with session three and four exploring everything from trends and consumer habits in beverages to food production processing and purity standards.

With such an impactful agenda, informed speakers, engaged delegates and stakeholders, expect compelling discussion and debate across the day and learnings at every turn. Check out the full agenda below!



Session One: Marketing, Sourcing and a Distributor’s View






The CO2 Market in 2022

Maura D. Garvey, Intelligas Consulting


The Beverage Industry: Pre and Post Covid

Ray Stout, Illinois Craft Brewers Guild


CO2 Growth and Supply Challenges: A Distributor’s Perspective

Steve Atkins, nexAir Carbonic


How/Where to Grow Your CO2 Business as a Distributor 

Ned Lane, CK Supply





Session Two: Applications: Food and Beverage 






Capturing CO2 in Brewing

Amy George, Earthly Labs


Ensuring Dispensed Gas Quality for Carbonated Beverages

Gary Robson, Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH, Sure Purity


Is There a Shift From CO2 to N2

Sam. A Rushing, Advanced Cryogenics


Purity Standards and Challenges Update

Sal Calandra and Sig Mueller, Spectrum Carbonics





Exhibition, Networking and Lunch






Session Three: Applications: The Great Grow in Cannabis






Enhancing Global Food Production with CO2

Dil Vashi, CO2GRO


Systems to Meet Growing Demand for CO2

Hector Villarreal, Weldcoa 





Session Four: Applications: Cryogenics and the Cold Chain






Cold Storage Chains

Fabian Van Damme, Dohmeyer


Transportation of CO2: A Key Link in the Cold Chain

Keith Hall, Premier Cryogenic Services


Sustainability as a Core Driver for Dry Ice

Diego Loaiza, Cold Jet





Session Five: Safety and Performance 






CO2 Safety Updates

Rich Gottwald, Compressed Gas Association


What’s New in CO2 Monitoring

Josh Pringle, CO2Meter


The Game Changer: CO2 Predictability with High Frequency Telemetry

Sam Fatoohi, Pulsa





Session Six: Decarbonisation: Capture and Utilisation 






The Carbon Capture Opportunity 

Andrew Baxter, Sustainable Energy Solutions (a Chart Company)


CO2 Recovery and Applications in Carbon-Negative Setups

Alfonso Peschiera, Atlas Copco


Disrupting Commercial Supply: Innovation, Incentivisation and Impact

Jeff Holyoak, TOMCO Systems





Closing Thoughts






Event Dinner and Farewell