Gas analyser manufacturer Geotech’s recently released fixed system analyser has been shortlisted for a critically acclaimed award.

The UK-based company entered its brand new BIOMETHANE 3000 into the AD & Biogas Industry Awards’ Best Innovation in Biomethane category that recognises those companies, people or teams who have demonstrated outstanding novelty relating to biomethane.

The AD & Biogas Industry Awards are organised annually by the AD and Bioresources Association together with World Biogas Association. The awards celebrate businesses who have made exceptional contributions to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry, both within the UK and globally.

Opening the enclosure BIOMETHANE 3000

Source: Geotech

Dean Kavanagh, Managing Director at Geotech said, “We are extremely happy to have been shortlisted for an award on such a prestigious platform. Biomethane is a very important part of our energy future and a vital renewable resource, so it’s crucial that we have the right equipment in place to closely monitor it.”

“The launch of the BIOMETHANE 3000 was developed by us to support the upward trend in gas-to-grid applications within the industry today and to help deliver greater accuracy and confidence in gas quality, in a timeframe that supports operators to quickly make a decision.”

“We are humbly proud that the BIOMETHANE 3000 – launched only earlier this year - is already creating waves in the industry and we eagerly await the results this July.”

Geotech’s BIOMETHANE 3000 was launched in March 2018 and has set a new benchmark in biomethane gas analysis. Developed in response to customer demand, it delivers real time monitoring and remote access to ensure balanced gas composition levels and optimised biofuel or gas-to-grid operations. The product has been successfully trialled with several key customers across the country and operators have complimented its ease of use and accuracy in achieving final gas chromatograph checks.

The BIOMETHANE 3000 is customisable to individual site requirements and the modular design even facilitates a “hot-swap” system that minimises downtime and simplifies serviceability and onsite maintenance. It also offers users several key benefits including onsite calibration, which can take place every 25 minutes if required, again minimising downtime and catching any issues at a much earlier stage.

The winners of the awards will be announced in on 11th July as part of UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2018.

About Geotech

Geotech is a global manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed gas analysers for the biogas, landfill, CO2 monitoring, groundwater and land remediation sectors. Beyond its gas analysers for landfills and the biogas sector, Geotech also designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of environmental monitoring equipment.

Building on years of innovation, engineering and manufacturing expertise in the UK, Geotech’s products and solutions are now available in over 60 countries.