Global Helium has acquired new acreage in Saskatchewan’s helium runway in Canada and the US state of Montana.

The helium exploration and development firm on Monday (27th June) confirmed the purchase of its new acreage as part of its plan to aggressively establish itself in proven, helium-rich lands.

With the latest acquisition, Global Helium has increased its land holding by 13% to 1.7 million acres in Saskatchewan as a result of its previously carried out geophysical assessment.

In Montana, the company has acquired 25,372 acres of land across three seismically defined and known helium-producing structures, with its third property located in Petroleum County.

Jess Griffith, President of Global Helium, said, “We continue to advance our strategic priorities and corporate objective of aggressively pursuing the acquisition of proven, helium-rich lands and expanding the company’s already massive land position.”

“Our ability to continue growing the land base while simultaneously transitioning the company into an operationally focused, helium-producing entity showcases Global’s ability to execute the plan and exceed expectations.”