Chancellor of the Exchequer reviews the use of red diesel to help improve Britain’s air quality

As the country faces a major air pollution problem, the Chancellor has released a budget statement which states, “3.25 Red diesel – The government will publish a call for evidence on the use of red diesel in order to improve understanding of eligible industries and current use. Evidence is particularly sought on the use of red diesel in urban areas.”

Many of the 84,000 transport refrigeration units (TRUs) estimated to be on Britain’s roads use red diesel and are highly polluting. They can emit up to six times as much nitrogen oxide (NOx) and almost 30 times as much particulate matter (PM) as a Euro 6 heavy goods vehicle engine.

Dearman, the clean ’cold and power’ technology comapny, has produced a zero-emission alternative to diesel-powered TRUs.

Commenting after the Chancellor’s Budget statement, Dearman’s Deputy Chief Executive Michael Ayres said, “The Chancellor’s Budget is a step in the right direction for improving Britain’s air quality. We look forward to engaging fully with government’s review on the use of red diesel and showing that zero emission alternative technologies, such as the Dearman Engine, are available and affordable.”

Dearman’s technology uniquely harnesses liquid air to deliver zero-emission power and cooling. It is developing a portfolio of proprietary technologies, products and services, which deliver significant reductions in fuel usage and emissions, at low capital cost.