The internet of things (IoT) is creating multiple application opportunities to create smart environments where sensors are needed to monitor temperatures and carbon dioxide levels to ensure the optimal conditionals are maintained with the minimum energy expenditure.

Up until now CO2 sensors have required mains power to operate. Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has overcome this issue with its new low power, LED-based sensor technology.

The sensor’s power requirements are so low that wireless monitors can be built to measure CO2 levels as well as temperature and humidity with a battery life of over ten years. The wireless feature means the sensor can be placed anywhere with no cabling needed.

GSS has added an I2C interface to its vert low power CO2 sensor, the CozIR®-LP. The I2C interface makes the integration of the sensor into a design very easy. The CozIR®-LP is the lowest power CO2 sensor available requiring only 3mW (up to 50 times lower than typical NDIR CO2 sensors).

The GSS patented LED technology also means that the solid-state sensor is very robust. The life expectancy for the new wireless technology is estimated at 15 years plus.

“Although HVAC and IAQ are major application areas, the lightweight, miniature size of the CozIR-LP also opens up other new possibilities for CO2 monitoring such as portable and wearable devices,” explained Calum MacGregor, CEO at GSS.

“The power requirements are so low that energy harvesting designs, such as solar, are now easily achievable. Here again, the new feature of an I2c interface will simplify the design process of integrating the sensor with other sensors and devices all on the I2C bus,” MacGregor continued.

GSS will be launching the new I2C-enabled CozIR®-LP on booth C5366 at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA, USA on the 14th-16th January 2019.