French liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping and storage expert GTT has launched a digital ‘smart shipping’ solution that is set to help support the maritime industry’s energy transition.

Developed in collaboration with Ascenz, Marorka and OSE Engineering, the company’s LNG Optim solution optimises the vessels’ fuel consumption and manages boil-off gas in the tanks.

Already used by several major LNG shipping firms, LNG Optim is an innovative method of GTT marking its ambition in the promising field of ‘smart shipping’, according to Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO, GTT.

He continued, “Our digital offer aims to support ship-owners, charterers and operators in the energy transition, by optimising the operational and environmental performance of their LNG-fuelled vessels.”

During design of LNG Optim the company looked at several factors including LNG ageing, the influence of sea states on boil-off gas generation and the impact of reliquefaction plants.