To support increased demand for specialty gases products in the region, Gulf Cryo is in the final stages of commissioning a new cylinder gases production facility in Dammam, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The facility will produce high purity specialty gases and specialty gas mixtures which are essential for process optimisation, quality control, operational safety and employee heath in hydrocarbon processing operations.

More than 50 refineries operate in the Middle East today and further expansion is underway, with keystone projects such as the Jubail and Jazan refineries for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

With such an intensity of production for the petrochemical sector in the region, it is no surprise that mission critical suppliers in the value chain to the refineries are also investing in local expansion. Gulf Cryo plays a pivotal role in supplying industrial, medical and specialty gases to countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and is embedded into the supply chains of many petrochemical plants in the region.

The new plant in Damman is a further step forward in this integral role.

Mike Huggon, CEO of Gulf Cryo, reflected, “We have operated a high class specialty gases facility in Dubai for many years and recently we decided to invest further in our infrastructure to support demand growth in this sector. I am proud that my team have successfully executed this project with attention to safety, quality, cost and timeline.”

“The first cylinders are already rolling out of the facility and are exceeding our expectations for quality and speed of production. We picked Dammam as the location for our multi-million dollar investment due to its central location within the Gulf region. This is essential for specialty gases, which travel long distances to our customers across the Middle East.”

Suresh Justo, Product Manager for Helium and Specialty Gases at Gulf Cryo, added, “Our new Dammam production and laboratory facility will employ world-class technology and work to international standards, such as the ISO17025, to manufacture calibration gas mixtures and ultra-high purity specialty gases for environmental monitoring and process control.”

“This will ensure that petrochemical operators and other industrial factories in the Gulf region are able to compete on the world stage and comply to international standards for product quality and environmental protection.”

For over 60 years, Gulf Cryo has been manufacturing and supplying industrial, medical and specialty gases to a wide range of industries across the Middle East. The Middle East is Gulf Cryo’s core market where growth potential is expected.

A priority for Gulf Cryo is to continue to expand its global footprint from one border to the next, reinforcing its regional competitiveness. The company revealed in May (2018) that it was renewing its concentration on its core geographies in the Middle East (Including Egypt and Turkey) when divesting shares (43%) in Tyczka Air Austria GmbH which it had only purchased in 2014 with the intent of enhancing the company’s growth in the liquid air gases market in Austria and Germany.

The Tyczka Group reclaims shares of Tyczka Air Austria

Huggon had explained, “This sale is part of Gulf Cryo’s clear strategy of concentrating on our core geographies of the Middle East, including Egypt and Turkey. It is within these markets that we can genuinely differentiate ourselves as the only local company with a full service offering and world class Safety and Operational standards.”