Harris Products Group has higlighted one of its regulator innovatins to allow welders control gas flow rates and regulate pressure to ensure a consistent flow.

Dubbed the 355-2 Flowmeter Regulator, the innovation combines the two capabilities in one unit to make a welder’s job easier and help them provider a better finished product.

355-2 Harris Flowmeter Regulator

355-2 Harris Flowmeter Regulator

Source: Harris Products Group

Timothy Reading, District Sales Manager at Harris, said, “Most gas regulator products on the market do not offer this option of having the flowmeter built into the design, but it’s a great option for welders.”

“The 355-2 is designed to give precise flow control of a number of the more common high pressure cylinder gases.”

The regulator is pre-set to a low compensated pressure of 20 PSIG, which allows a higher flow rate. The low pressure reduces surge and reduces the amount of gas wasted, while having enough compensation to eliminate any issues in the gun and machine.

“It’s really a flagship product that people turn to again and again,” Reading continued.

“The 355-2 is rugged and reliable; in fact, it’s so reliable that it’s very rare for a customer to return one. We test every piece of equipment we make – this is not batch testing.”

“For the 355-2, we pressurise and check for leaks, and conduct other tests.”