The Harris Products Group has released a free guide to maximising helium allocation to help research laboratories lower helium costs during the current global shortage.

The ‘Maximizing your Helium Gas Allocation’ guide provides insights to customers in the areas of analytical labs, chemical processing, research and development, biotech and pharmaceuticals who want to reduce helium usage, and also avoid the hefty capital expenses and time expenditures involved in having to convert to hydrogen usage. 

Also included in the guide from Harris, a Lincoln Electric company with headquarters in Ohio, US, is technical information and practical tips that provide advice about:

  • Determining benchmarks (calculate how much helium each analytical process should use at full efficiency)
  • Calculating inefficiencies (determine how much is wasted at current usage and why)
  • Finding efficient solutions (upgrade the gas delivery systems to eliminate leakage and contamination)

’Maximizing Your Helium Gas Allocation’ white paper can be downloaded at