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    Big Star Energy leases additional acres


    Australian oil and gas exploration company Big Star Energy has leased an additional 1,640 net acres at the Enterprise, Voyager, Millennium, Galactica and Prometheus prospects in Colorado, US.

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    2019 in Review: Renergen


    “2019 has been a truly significant year,” Stefano Marani, CEO of Renergen, tells gas world as he looks back on the last 12 months and the company’s highlights.

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    NAH makes new appointment


    North America Helium, Inc., a Calgary-based private helium exploration and production company, has appointed Terry Mah as its Senior Geophysicist to the company’s Exploration and Development team.

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    Renergen breaks ground at flagship gas project


    Emerging helium and LNG producer Renergen has broken ground at its flagship gas project in South Africa.

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    Messer supplies helium for Parade


    Messer will provide a consistent supply of helium for the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which will be held today in New York City.

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    Big Star Energy acquires helium acreage


    Australian oil and gas exploration company Big Star Energy has leased a further 59,510 gross (14,877 net) acres across its prospect and lead portfolio in Colorado, US.

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    Qatar Petroleum to raise LNG production, helium potential


    State-owned Qatar Petroleum will raise Qatar’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production capacity to 126 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) by 2027, an increase of 64% from the current 77 mtpa.

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    Process gases: Leading the search for sustainable alternatives


    Throughout this year gasworld has covered ‘Helium Shortage 3.0’ with reports of price increases of up to 100%. Such price volatility is a real incentive to search for sustainable alternatives!

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    World class industrial gas production facilities to be established


    World class industrial gas production facilities and distribution networks are set to be established in the industrial cities of Royal Commission as part of a new deal.


    Valves to prevent a leak


    Gaseous helium is one of the most elusive and hard to contain gases on the planet. As the second lightest gas next to hydrogen, it has many industrial uses and is of critical importance as a process gas. Gaseous helium requires robust and tight-sealing valves and fittings in order to ...

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    Helium shortage Q&A


    How do you see the current global helium shortage progressing – will there be any improvement in 2020 and why?

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    Helium lifts the SuperTower


    We all recognize the value of high-speed internet access to economic opportunity, job creation, education, and civic engagement. According to the UN, close to half of the world’s population still lacks a reliable connection to the internet. 

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    Privatizing the US Federal Helium Program


    This article complements previous articles and describes Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) declining role in providing helium to worldwide markets. It provides further transparency to the helium industry and the public at large on the plans to offer for sale the Federal Helium Program real property, and all US interests ...

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    Exploration, expansion and expectations


    Exploration, expansion and expectations: who are the players hoping to ease the helium shortage?

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    MRI in good health, despite helium shortage


    Cryofab is busy serving the needs of MRI market, and beyond.

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    Helium supply reliability comes at a price


    Helium supply has fluctuated from a slight surplus when the large Qatar 2 production came fully onstream in 2014, to in-balance with the supply disruption of the Qatar blockage in June 2017, to tight supply beginning spring 2018.

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    The West Coast report


    There has been quite a bit of activity in the West Coast region, which reached revenues of just over $3.73bn in 2018, up from $2.17bn in 2008 with an average annual growth rate of 6% p.a for the decade.

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    Robust pipeline of new projects bodes well for future helium supply


    While the worst of Helium Shortage 3.0 may be behind us, the gas industry and many helium users continue to struggle with helium supply allocations and high prices.

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    North American Helium


    Based in Calgary, Alberta, North American Helium currently controls over 3.1 million acres of helium mineral rights in North America. The helium exploration and production company was founded in 2013 by its CEO, Nicholas Snyder, on the belief that grassroots helium exploration is essential in North America.

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    Renergen commissions LNG and helium plant


    Renergen has commissioned South Africa’s first commercial LNG and liquid helium plant.