Indian manufacturer Hemant Industries has released its new portable oxygen concentrator, HEMIND HemOxy12.

The device, a celebration of homegrown Indian manufacturing, features almost 80% of its parts and material being either sourced or made in India.

As the Covid-19 pandemic persists through India, alternative solutions to expensive imports and large oxygen plants had to be considered. As the virus seems most lethal to those with underlying health conditions, the HemOxy12 was designed to treat patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe chronic hypoxemia and pulmonary oedema.

The HEMIND HemOxy12.

The HEMIND HemOxy12.

Source: Hemant Industries.

Taking up just 0.5m x 0.5m, the compact design and portable nature of the concentrator allows for placement in small spaces and simple manoeuvrability. The device also features a split unit design, which permits the main unit to be placed outside the patient’s room and the oxygen dispensing unit to be placed close to the patient, reducing noise and reducing exposure to others of waste nitrogen emitted from the generator.

Licensed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), the concentrator has a working range of 12 litres per minute (LPM) to 16 LPM. At 12 LPM there is an effective uninterrupted pure oxygen flow of 93% (+/- 3%), 90% at 14 LPM and 82% at 16 LPM.

The device functions by drawing in air, passing the air through numerous filters before the nitrogen is absorbed during the concentration process. After processing the concentrated oxygen, the function is reversed, and the oxygen is provided to the patient.