Ohio-based Hobart Brothers has released a new FabCO® Triple 7 gas-shielded flux-cored wire with expanded mechanical properties.

Released this week (9th Nov), the Triple 7 wire is suitable at welding with mixed gases (75% to 85% argon/CO2 balance) and is also usable with straight CO2.

The wire has American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval, meaning it meets the toughness requirements of 3Y classifications with both gases, and is also approved for use in American Welding Society (AWS) D1.8 Demand Critical Seismic applications.

In addition, the wire is Buy American compliant — manufactured with steel made and melted in the US. — for use welding government buildings, bridges and other structures under the Buy American requirements. 

A fast-freezing slag and spray-like arc provides weld pool control when welding out of position, allowing for flat, consistent welds. The slag is easily removed to simplify interpass and post-weld cleaning and reduces the risk of slag inclusions and the associated rework.

To further reduce rework, Triple 7 features an H8 designation that provides a weld deposit with less than 8 ml of hydrogen per 100 g of weldment to minimize the risk of cracking.

Tim Hensley, Product Manager at Hobart, said, “We’re excited to offer this enhanced Triple 7 wire to our customers. The wire offers greater flexibility for their applications, along with high weld quality to help them improve productivity and reduce costs.”

Triple 7 LR

Source: Hobart Brothers