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    Hot Topic: Responding to coronavirus


    Like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has spread across the globe since it was first detected in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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    The story of 2020 is undoubtedly the outbreak of coronavirus, or Covid-19 to give its technical name. At the time of writing, the hard-to-detect virus has gone from engulfing China and the wider Asia region to spreading out all across the globe, with the number of fatalities worldwide now totalling ...

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    Business not as usual – coronavirus’ impact


    Readers of gasworld are a well-traveled lot, but not so much recently and for the months ahead. Many of you have scaled back or stopped travel commitments due to coronavirus (Covid-19), which has become the biggest story of 2020 as fast as it has spread across the world from China ...

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    Hot topic: Opening the door to onsite oxygen


    Oxygen is on the frontline and in hot demand. Medical oxygen is being used in its most critical form in treating coronavirus patients, drawing attention to its supply chain and delivery, usually in bulk or cylinder form. Here, gasworld explores a third way in oxygen supply – onsite oxygen generation. ...

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    Hot topic: Understanding medical oxygen


    At a time when the world is quite literally gripped by the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) and healthcare systems all over the world are pushed to their limits, there has arguably never been such spotlight placed on medical oxygen supply.

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    Hot topic: Oxygen supply shortage?


    With reports swirling around the availability of oxygen supply during these difficult times of continued coronavirus outbreak, gasworld sheds light on what the actual supply situation is with oxygen in Europe.

  • Air Products Participates in Signing Ceremony of Key Foreign Investment Projects in Shanghai’s Pudong

    Coronavirus – what impact so far?


    The biggest talking point so far in 2020 is undoubtedly the outbreak of coronavirus, or Covid-19 to give its technical name. At the time of writing, the hard-to-detect virus continues to engulf China and the wider Asia region, but is also fanning out across the globe with the number of ...

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    The CDL trucking shortage’s impact on tank trucking and industrial gas industry


    Dominating headlines, the CDL driver shortage has become a major crisis within the industry. It was ranked as the top overall concern within the industry for the third straight year in the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) Top Industry Issues survey.

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    Carbon capture: In focus like never before, but are we doing enough?


    The drive for sustainability and the clean energies transition has never been more important, while the level of awareness and calls to action has arguably never been more prominent. In recent weeks alone, we’ve seen a definite strength in the Fridays for Future protests around the world so encouraged by ...

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    CO2 from biomethane


    You’d be hard pushed not to notice the rise of the biogas business in recent years. Five years ago, in summer 2014, the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA) described biomethane as a vitally important part of our energy future and urged its long-term deployment. In the years since, the ...

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    Man on the Moon


    This July marks 50 years since man first stepped on the Moon. gas world pays homage to this truly incredible moment for mankind, as well as the amazing feats of science, engineering and industrial gas application, in a celebratory interview with NASA.

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    The CO2 crisis: One year on, could history repeat itself anytime soon?


    This week marks one year since the biggest carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage of recent years erupted.

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    New trends and opportunities in hydrogen production


    Hydrogen can be a central pillar for the long-term storage of renewable electricity production and both fossil and renewable production routes for hydrogen will most probably grow in parallel.

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    Helium Shortage 3.0


    As we enter March 2019, Helium Shortage 3.0, the third period of sustained helium shortage since 2006, has now persisted for over a year.

  • BLM

    Privatization of BLM’s helium assets raises concerns


    Two of the most widely discussed topics at the recent gas world Helium Summit in Houston were the potential impact of the end of the US Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) crude helium sales to private industry and the privatization of the BLM’s helium assets which is scheduled to take ...

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    CO2 shortage: One month on, CO2 recovery potential in focus


    One month on from the European CO2 supply shortage that sent shockwaves through food and beverage markets and the mainstream press alike, and much of the frenzy surrounding this supply chain crisis has long since dissipated.

  • Twisted steel metals

    Steel tariffs – what impact?


    Few of us will be able to pick up a newspaper, check out the news online, or turn on the TV/radio without hearing about a possible trade war in-the-making, but at what cost for the gases industry around the world? Rob Cockerill explores a steely issue for the metallurgy markets.

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    Helium: Qatar 4 plant considered


    The keenly anticipated Qatar 3 helium plant is still subject to well-documented delays, yet gas world understands the prospect of a further Qatar 4 plant is understood to be in consideration, says Luke Manickam and Rob Cockerill.

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    Praxair-Linde: Where are we at?


    For many on the outside, it may seem like the trail has gone cold on this mega merger of equals. Having been through various stages of agreement in principle and shareholder approvals, there is now a certain sense of dormancy during divestment season. Rob Cockerill looks at what the deal ...

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    Fuel cell technologies: A status report


    In North America, fuel cell technologies and hydrogen continue to make steady progress in terms of their development, application, and commercialization, writes Agnes H. Baker.