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  • august hot topic metal theft

    Metal theft – A returning challenge for the gases industry


    Part 2. Metal theft is re-emerging as a threat to UK infrastructure, transport systems, and the gases industry. Robin Edwards explains how the future of metal theft sits on a precipice and why corporate theft is not to be overlooked.

  • Metal theft, assorted gas cylinders

    Metal theft – A returning challenge for the gases industry?


    Part 1. Metal theft is re-emerging as a threat to UK infrastructure, transport systems, and the gases industry. Robin Edwards explains why this topic is heating up again and the significance for industrial gas assets.

  • Solar panel,photovoltaics

    Solar cells – Bright potential for the gases industry?


    When Linde announced in mid-March that it had been awarded multiple gas and chemical supply contracts for a number of world leading photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturer’s first plants in South East Asia, it threw fresh spotlight on the potential that this market affords. Here this month gasworld explores just what ...

  • Financial world currency

    Hydrogen: A breakthrough in the age-old conundrum?


    With the ever-increasing popularity of hydrogen fuelled cars and the current lack of substantial hydrogen fuelling infrastructure, one dilemma has consistently arisen: the ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario. Which came first, and in this case, how can one expect to excel without the other?

  • Gas diving cylinders

    Lost and found – Where are all of the cylinders going?


    When Linde Canada Limited announced in August 2014 that it had identified nearly 2,000 cylinders that were previously considered lost or stolen, it drew attention to an often unspoken concern in the gases industry.

  • Chinese Yuan devaluation

    Structural challenges – Metallurgy sector still in focus for gases industry


    Metallurgy has been in the industrial gas headlines a number of times over the last 12 months as the steel sector in particular has faced ongoing challenges in its market dynamics. As we learn here in this hot topic, structural challenges still remain in the metallurgy sector, as do opportunities. ...

  • Bomin Linde fuelling MS Helgoland

    Hot topic: LNG – Marine fuel of the future?


    As the grip on marine emissions tightens, gasworld looks at the potential role for LNG and the expected equipment demand.

  • Financial market analysis

    Iran: A new wave of growth ahead?


    Part 2. With Iran set to be unlocked by an end to international sanctions, gasworld looks at what potential may lie ahead for the gases industry in the region.

  • Iran, Saudi, Middle East

    Hot topic – Iran: Middle East meets west...again


    Part 1. Iran could soon be open for trade with global markets as sanctions, first imposed 36 years ago, prohibiting the west from trading with the country look set to be dissolved. Here, gasworld’s focus on Iran looks at what potential might be unlocked.

  • Spec-gases-Laboratory-Symbol-for-the-chemical-element-neon

    Neon – The new rare gas shortage of 2015


    Neon has historically been in over-supply, but today the market for this rare gas is in shortage. Richard Betzendahl explains why, and what the future holds for the global neon business.

  • August 2014 SF3 Bubbles Water

    Hot topic – Looming challenge in water treatment


    Officials in California – facing the state’s driest year on record amid a multi-year drought – have implemented mandatory water consumption limits in a bid to prevent what could be devastating shortages. The availability and quality of California’s water supply is a hot topic right now. But is this just ...

  • Pills paracetamol drugs

    A landmark in ‘legal highs’


    A new Bill by the UK Government will tackle the trend for new psychoactive substances, including the increasing abuse of nitrous oxide.

  • Metals, Glowing-molten-hot-steel

    Hot topic – A mandate for metallurgy


    Ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike are expected to experience strong demand in the years ahead, while the drive for more energy efficient production processes only increases in significance. Both will create strong requirements for industrial gases and related technologies, as gasworld investigates.

  • sharing ideas concept

    Mergers and acquisitions – where are we now?


    Following an unprecedented global recession in 2008/9, which shook all corners of the world, a slowdown in the M A activity across all industry sectors occurred. How will our industry adapt to slower growth expectations and will the spotlight turn inwards, raising the prospect of more M A activity? Stuart ...

  • On the Path to the Hydrogen Economy

    Hot topic – The hydrogen revolution is upon us


    A year since the last time we visited developments in the hydrogen economy, the market has continued to establish itself. With major plans in action around the world, Stuart Radnedge believes the time to get involved is now.

  • Oil price crash

    Hot topic – Oil price causes LNG questions


    With the brent crude oil price continuing to fall, impacting on the value of the Russian rouble, proposals for LNG terminals around the world are facing eleventh-hour questions regarding profitability predictions. But what other projects could face a new dawn in 2015? gasworld investigates.

  • Hot Topic – Welding – December 2014

    Hot topic – Tight times for US argon supply


    When it comes to market shortages, one gas has very much been the centre of attention in recent years – helium. Shortages of helium have dominated our headlines as various production outages, coupled with a lack of new capacity coming on-stream, meant that supply failed to keep pace with demand. ...

  • Challenges continue to mount in China steel sector – October 2014

    Hot topic - Challenges continue to mount in China steel sector


    gasworld China explains why an increasing air of caution still blows through the country’s steel sector - and why this is significant to the gases industry.

  • Safety – A must for the world – September 2014

    Hot topic – Safety: A must for the world


    Stuart Radnedge investigates safety – for the haves and have nots, and why the latter should be trying to establish a group before it’s too late.

  • August 2014 Hot Topic Green Stats

    Hot topic – Is ‘green’ still on the industrial gas agenda?


    How important is R&D for today’s industrial gas company? And more importantly, can it coexist with the cost implications of going green? Stuart Radnedge investigates.