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  • Hydrogen fuel gauge on green car body

    First multi-energy station inaugurated


    Iceland’s first station that combines biomethane and hydrogen under the same canopy opened yesterday in Reykjavík.

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    A technology to reverse climate change


    Last October, Swiss company Climeworks announced its participation in the CarbFix project in Iceland, where its DAC technology is capturing CO 2 to be mineralised and permanently stored underground. This October, the project-planning phase for expanding the DACS capacity will begin. 

  • Ian Price, CEO of EQTEC plc

    EQTEC plc appoints new CEO


    EQTEC plc, the technology solution company for waste gasification to energy projects, has appointed Ian Joseph Price as the new CEO of the company with immediate effect.

  • Iceland-HRS

    Orkan opens two H2 stations in Iceland


    Iceland-based Orkan, in collaboration with Nel Hydrogen and Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME), has opened two new hydrogen (H 2 ) refuelling stations in Iceland.

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    European distribution partnership between NeuroproteXeon and Linde


    NeuroproteXeon have completed a distribution agreement with Linde AG for XENEX TM (xenon by inhalation) for Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome (PCAS) for the European Union plus United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

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    Climeworks: Carbon removal through direct air capture


    Swiss cleantech company Climeworks has partnered with Reykjavik Energy to combine direct air capture (DAC) technology for the world’s first time with safe and permanent geological storage.

  • iceland map

    Nel enters Icelandic hydrogen market


    Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA, has entered the hydrogen (H 2 ) market in Iceland after establishing a joint venture with major Icelandic oil retail company Skeljunger HF.

  • carbon dioxide tanks

    Carbon dioxide – Capacity developments in 2016


    With regular talk of a crunch in the carbon dioxide (CO2) supply chain, it’s perhaps little surprise that 2016 seems to have been dominated by new capacity additions and supply agreements. Here, we take a whistle-stop tour around the world in new or expected CO2 capacity, complete with added insight ...

  • Europe Cropped

    Exploring Europe’s industrial gas market


    In the build up to the Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2016, and to coincide with the publication of its updated European industrial gas reports and dashboard series, gasworld Business Intelligence highlights the key trends that have emerged over the past year.

  • Geothermal power alternative energy green

    New plant to capture CO2 from geothermal facility


    Danish business, Haldor Topsoe, has signed an agreement with Icelandic geothermal power company, HS Orka hf, to deliver a plant to capture carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from geothermal heat sources.

  • Europe manufacturing factory

    Regional markets: Focus on Western Europe


    Western Europe continues to bear the brunt of external economic headwinds. China’s slowing growth, coupled with ongoing global market volatility, is a cause for concern for Europe’s developed economies. Sustained political issues also take their toll.