iGAS Technology Solutions, a technology and engineering supplier specialising in turnkey projects, has successfully commissioned its second ammonia filling plant in Turkey.

As part of the turnkey project, iGAS was responsible a number of operations including the health and safety plan via its installation and commissioning team, and the functional design specification (FDS) for the installation of the facility in the Middle East.

ISO tank weigh-scale and associated safety control through to cylinders and all associated equipment and controls were all produced by the UK-based company, including cylinder filling, drum filling, nitrogen (N2) purging, a separate vacuum skid and a complete scrubber system, which is suitable for 100kg of ammonia from waste gas.

Despite continued domestic pressures, Turkey’s industrial gas market has benefitted from a number of new plants coming on-stream in the last year, for instance Linde’s new carbon dioxide (CO2) plant was launched in Denizli in November 2015.

Additionally, in the same month, Technip also announced that it won a contract to supply a reformer for a hydrogen (H2) plant, which is being built next to the STAR Aegean Refinery in Aliaga. The facility is set to come on-stream in 2018.

iGAS, part of the Industrial Gas Projects House (IGPH), was established in 2001 and is a leading supplier of technologies and services to the industrial gases industry.