Impact Cryotherapy, an industry leader in the US cryotherapy market, recently partnered with Air Liquide UK to further develop cryotherapy technology.

Cryotherapy, or whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), is a cold therapy modality. For three minutes, users stand in a cryosauna filled with nitrogen (N2) vapour that drops between -90°C to -120°C. It helps with athletic recovery and overall wellness, attracting elite athletes worldwide to utilise it as a critical training component.

Despite growing interest in the product, the company faced challenges when trying to expand into the UK market. Select gas companies were not prepared to supply N2 and business partners lacked the capabilities to scale.

However, Air Liquide UK has recognised the technologies potential and has since partnered with the Atlanta-based company. Brandon Lang, Market Unit Manager, Air Liquide, commented, “The UK cryotherapy market is a significant growth trend.” He continued, “Building on the success of our US teams, Air Liquide UK is committed to the development of this health-based technology.”

Richard Otto, CEO, Impact Cryotherapy, said, “Established in eight countries, we understand this market wherever entrepreneurs see opportunity.” He added, “Impact is an American product that UK entrepreneurs can make money with in their business.”