A deal signed between Iveco subsidiary FPT Industrial (FPT) and Blue Energy Motors (Blue Energy) aims to accelerate deployment of India’s very first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered trucks.

Announced today, 12th July, the agreement will see the zero emission truck technology expert adopt FPT’s N67 NG BSVI compliant engines for its fleet of trucks by the end of the year. 

Based in Pune, India, Blue Energy aims to decarbonise the country’s hard-to-abate heavy transport sector by working with companies such as FPT to adopt LNG technology. 

LNG-powered trucks could help mitigate emissions in a country home to a total truck fleet of about 3.5 million vehicles. 

FPT's N67 NG engine

FPT’s N67 NG engine

Commenting on the deal, Sylvain Blaise, President, Iveco Group Powertrain Business Unit, said, “This agreement is of the utmost importance for FPT Industrial, now and in the future, as we want our leading technologies to play a key role to support the ecological transition of one of the world’s largest vehicle markets.” 

What is stoichimetric combustion?

Stoichiometric combustion is defined as a combustion without excess or lack of air, where all available oxygen is completely consumed. By using this technology in its engines, companies could see up to a 40% fuel expsnse reduction versus diesel equivalents in the Indian market and 28% less CO2 emissions.

Regarded as the most powerful natural gas engine on the market, the engines to be used by Blue Energy use stoichiometric combustion to optimise fuel consumption and reduce noise compared to conventional diesel engines. 

“We believe that the fight against climate change is fundamental for the future of all of us, and Blue Energy aims to be part of this climate initiative and believes in innovation driven sustainability,” stated Anirudh Bhhuwalka, CEO, Blue Energy. 

In India, Governments, fleet owners, and other stakeholders are demanding near-zero-emissions solutions, and with FPT’s NG engines we can deliver this solution now.”