Indura, an Air Products company and provider of industrial gas production services, purchased 99.83% of Messer Gases del Peru, South America at the start of the year.

The deal was confirmed on the 31st January, 2018. An increase in capital was made from Indura S.A. to Indura Inversiones Ltda., for a total of US $26.5m, with which, Indura Inversiones Ltda. proceeded with the purchase of the Tier One industrial gases supplier.

The deal in Peru makes sense for both, since Indura had sales of approximately $ 14.7m in 2017 (presumably 70% materials and equipment) and no gas production plant in Peru, while the Messer operation was their only presence in South America, with sales of €13m ($11.5m) (90% gases) and approximately 130 employees.

Details of the acquisition were published in Indura’s end of year financial statements.