German manufacturer of nitrogen and oxygen generators INMATEC has delivered its POC MED 8500 oxygen generator for an emergency coronavirus hospital in Greece.

The donated generator was financed within 24 hours and INMATEC guarantees immediate delivery of the generator to the transformed sports hall.

With a capacity of 100 patients, the emergency hospital is fully equipped according to worldwide coronavirus guidelines and continuous ventilation can be ensured due to self-generated medical oxygen. 

INMATEC’s oxygen generator has a purity of up to 95% and meets the purity specifications of the European Pharmacopeia for medical applications and is manufactured in accordance with the quality management systems ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 7396-1:2016. 

“The special challenge was to calculate the increased oxygen consumption for patents suffering from COVID-19,” the company explains.

“The production of medical oxygen can be increased to a maximum of 37 Nm3/h and can be adjusted individually if required.”

“Specially certified INMATEC technical will put the system into operation and guarantee the INMATEC 24/7 service, which also ensure uninterrupted oxygen production.”