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    10 minutes with… Tim Rynott


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Rynott, CEO of Four Corners Helium

  • CO2 Cylinders

    US CO2 shortage: More plant closures set to impact supply in the coming weeks


    “I believe this is going to be a challenging summer/fall. CO2 demand continues to outpace the capacity being added and the current outages are only adding to that stress,” that’s what Ned Lane, CEO of CK Supply, told gasworld earlier this week in relation to the ongoing CO2 shortage in ...

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    High-grade, low-cost helium for the US market


    Blue Star Helium tells gasworld US Edition about the development of its Las Animas helium prospects in Colorado.

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    Tex-Air Gas: The time for change has come


    gasworld sits down with Joe Prowell, President of Tex-Air Gas.

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    Right place, right time


    Andrew Davidson, President and CEO of Royal Helium, sits down with gasworld to discuss its prime position in Saskatchewan, the Imperial Helium acquisition and its future plans.

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    Inside Saskatchewan’s helium action plan


    Jim Reiter, Minister of Energy and Resources for the Saskatchewan Government, sits down with gasworld to discuss the province’s ambition to become a world-leading helium exporter for a more stable market

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    Seven decades driving gas analysis: Servomex at 70


    “We’ve got some really exciting things on the horizon. I can’t say too much but we’re really looking forward to the next few months and some game-changing technology,” explains Servomex President Andy Cowan, in an exclusive interview with gasworld’s Rob Cockerill to mark the company’s 70th anniversary.

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    10 minutes with…Eric Streel (Orthodyne)


    Take 10 minutes out with Eric Streel, Managing Director of Orthodyne, as he discusses what’s new with Orthodyne and trends in gas analysis.

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    A noble move


    Colleen Kohler, CEO of Noble Gas Solutions, discusses Air Water’s acquisition of the New York-based distributor and business optimization.

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    An interview with Luxfer Gas Cylinders


    Howard Mead, Vice-President and General Manager of Luxfer Gas Cylinders, sits down with gasworld to discuss the company’s North American growth across the gas storage industry and provide an outlook on the next five years. 

  • California employees transferred to Virginia

    A new era for Catalina Cylinders…


    Almost one year ago, at the time of publication, California-based Catalina Cylinders had its business turned upside down, when one of its aluminum dust collectors spontaneously detonated and caused a dozen small fires to blaze throughout its Catalina West facility – a day which will never be forgotten by those ...

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    10 minutes with… Bud Allen


    gasworld takes 10 minutes with Bud Allen, Vice-President of Marketing at Kaplan Industries

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    Commerce, content, connectivity and communication: The four C’s of B2B e-commerce explored on gasworld TV


    The world we live in today is arguably more connected than ever. It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and consumers operate, as the shift to the digital world became very apparent. This desire for digital, however, still remains very strong, despite the re-opening ...

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    Preview: An ecosystem for hydrogen innovation and application


    The Arizona-California border, between the four major metro markets of Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego, will soon be home to perhaps one of the most ambitious hydrogen production and utilisation sites in the US, featuring advanced transportation test tracks, a hydrogen research institute, a clean fuel airport, ...

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    Turning trash into treasure


    When you throw away your household, agricultural or animal waste, do you ever think about the potential that waste just may have? Today, there are a variety of companies across the globe that are looking to stop waste going into landfill, whether it be through recycling, creating art, creating a ...

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    Houston’s hydrogen revolution


    Perhaps one of the largest debates in the US hydrogen economy is which state is the capital of hydrogen. Although many states are progressing their individual hydrogen economies, there are two standout performers in the market – Texas and California.

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    High-energy testing for a high-energy topic


    In 2020, SpaceX and NASA launched two astronauts into space – the first manned launch from US soil since the Space Shuttle Program’s retirement in 2011. The Commercial Crew Program was a resounding success, but it almost didn’t happen. 

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    Exclusive: US semi market at major risk


    There’s no doubt about it, the US semiconductor industry is now witnessing unprecedented demands; but it’s not just the chip manufacturers that are feeling the heat, the specialty gas supply chain as a whole is needing support like never before.

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    Taking telemetry to the next level in the industrial gases market


    With cost of living going up for many individuals, families and businesses across the globe, being able to secure the right price for needed or desired items is key. The same applies when it comes to remote monitoring devices and services for the industrial gases market, a trend which is ...

  • The importance of a digital strategy

    The evolution of a digital supply chain


    It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and their consumers operate. Almost overnight the world saw a complete shift towards the digital world, as stores, wholesalers and restaurants closed to protect humanity. With this came a real opportunity for corporations to get onboard the ...