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  • Burckhardt 12 days

    12 Days of Content: An interview with Burckhardt Compression


    Burckhardt Compression has established itself as a major player in the compressor technology world. Providing a range of applications for gas gathering and processing, and gas transport and storage, the Swiss company has also provided solutions for the burgeoning hydrogen mobility and green energy sector.

  • day 11

    12 Days of Content: An interview with Tex-Air Gas


    A third-generation family-owned company based in Amarillo, Texas, Tex-Air Gas supplies helium to welding supplies distributors across the US and has also fuelled projects like launching a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken into space and illusionist David Blaine’s ascent above the Arizona desert with the help of around 50 helium ...

  • PRF Gas Solutions 12 days

    12 Days of Content: An interview with PRF Gas Solutions


    Portugal-based PRF Gas Solutions (PRF) is no stranger to creating innovative solutions for the industrial gas sector.

  • day9

    12 Days of Content: An interview with Chart Industries


    Packed with acquisitions, record-breaking financial results and exciting projects, 2021 has undoubtably been an important year for Chart Industries as it continues to find ways to better serve its global customer base and keep up with new market trends.

  • Process Sensing Technologies 12 days

    12 Days of Content: An Interview with Process Sensing Technologies


    Experts in precision measurement for the industrial gas sector, Process Sensing Technologies (PST) provides analysers and sensors for measuring and monitoring impurities in gases and process liquids.

  • Distributor Data Solutions 12 days

    12 Days of Content: An interview with Distributor Data Solutions


    One of the leading product content companies for the gas and welding industry, Utah-based Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) helps its customers by providing technology solutions to the challenges of e-commerce product content and data management - and currently works with more than 500 manufacturers, representing more than 1,300 brands.

  • Aker Carbon Capture 12 days

    12 Days of Content: An interview with Aker Carbon Capture


    With so much focus in 2021 on sustainability, meeting net zero emission targets, and COP26, carbon capture has quickly become a household phrase.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Gas Innovations


    Founded in 2002, with a goal of providing industrial gas producers a dependable, independent wholesale supply partner, Gas Innovations today stands as a world-wide supplier of high purity hydrocarbons, refrigerant gases and speciality gases.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Müller


    Gas control solutions provider Müller has focused heavily on sustainability this year, having worked with the UN on various sustainable manufacturing goals. This is reflected in the fact that 49% of the electricity consumed for the production of Müller’s cylinder valves is derived from renewable energy sources.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Otodata


    Founded in 2008, Montreal, Canada-based Otodata designs, develops, and manufactures market leading remote level monitoring products and technologies for a variety of industries.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with ABB


    Leading technology provider for the industrial sector, Switzerland-based ABB has seen a ‘remarkable year’ for its Continuous Gas Analyser business.

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    gasworld at 200: The interviews


    Rob Cockerill looks back on an array of top-level interviews across 200 issues of gasworld magazine, from Cryogenmash, Hangzhou Hangyang and Ceylon Oxygen in the East, to the Messer Group, Chart Industries and Nippon Gases Europe in the West.

  • CW Portrait

    10 minutes with…Chasen Wendt


    Take 10 minutes out with Chasen Wendt, Managing Director at Cryonor, as he discusses today’s business environment, the world of bulk gases in 2021, and the current challenges and opportunities for those in the gases industry. 

  • EDITED_Heimbach_HOYER_Gaslog_13

    Never standing still – An interview with the HOYER Group


    Rob Cockerill talks with Carina Meyer, Director of the Gaspool within the HOYER Group, in an exclusive interview for gasworld’s Bulk Gases Issue.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Bauer Compressors


    Grown out of a family home in Munich, Germany, Bauer Compressors Inc. has experienced a whirlwind of a journey to end up with a US base and over 75 years of experience in manufacturing reliable and durable arrays of high-pressure compressors.

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    Exclusive: Pro Gases UK talks CO2 shortages, bio-CO2 demands and company growth


    Industrial gases, bulk gases, contract filling, and cylinders: These are the four main pillars of business for Pro Gases UK Limited (Pro Gases), a family run business which in the last couple of years has expanded and grown, having entered the industrial gases market.

  • Picture 1 08.58.13

    WATCH: The UK’s first large scale DAC facility


    WATCH: The UK’s first large scale direct air capture (DAC) facility, which will remove up to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air annually is “just the start.”

  • Luxfer G-Stor H2 Cylinder with Valve

    Luxfer: Hydrogen transportation is happening right now and we’re going to see huge uptake


    Land, sea, rail or air: If it’s a hydrogen mobility application, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has more than likely got it covered.

  • shutterstock_112811659

    Women in Gases: An interview with Becky Rix


    Having been part of the industrial gases market since 2018, when she started working at UK-based Roadgas, Becky Rix has built up a passion for both the industry she is immersed in and the role she plays within it today.

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    SINTEF: We cannot go back to ‘business as usual’ after COP26


    “We cannot go back to ‘business as usual;’ coming out of COP26 there must be an advanced level of accountability and transparency on any climate goals set, since we are currently way off track to meet Paris targets.”