Iwatani Corporation has held an inauguration ceremony to mark the official completion of its newly integrated cylinder filling station – the Iwatani Amagasaki Gas Centre.

The centre, which has been in operation since April 2016, aims to reinforce Iwatani’s regional cylinder business through enhanced production efficiency and streamlined delivery works.

The site, which is situated in Iwatani’s Amagasaki Plant in the Hyogo Prefecture, represents a YEN 500m ($75m) investment and occupies an area of 2,475m2.

The facility now handles five newly-added gas types for O2, N2, Ar, CO2 and an Ar-CO2 mixture for cylinder filling. It also features four new storage tanks; a 30 tonne tank for CO2 and three 20 tonne tanks for O2, N2 and Ar.

As such, the new capabilities at the Amagasaki plant have transformed the site, which was initially focused on compressed hydrogen (H2) and ammonia filling, into a fully integrated gas centre.

The Amagasaki plant was the birthplace of Iwatani’s H2 business.

Over the last few years, the Japanese industrial gas corporation has been redeveloping its cylinder gas filling network, with this latest strategic development signalling the closure of its Shiga Gas Centre in the Kinki District.