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    Major Japanese H2 station alliance established


    Japan’s major gas companies and automotive manufacturers have joined forces in a substantial push towards the realisation of the country’s hydrogen (H 2 ) economy.

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    Iwatani posts mixed 2016 financials


    Despite a mixed set of results in Iwatani Corporation’s consolidated financial results for fiscal year ended 31 st March 2017, the company has projected strong double-digit growth for the year ahead.

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    TNSC in metal AM solution alliance


    Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) has formed an alliance with additive manufacturing (AM) systems specialist Optomec to bring complete solutions to the metal AM industry.

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    Oxygen PSA market growth in Japan


    In Japan, the oxygen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generator market is considered to be at a mature stage in its product life cycle. In the 2016 fiscal year the market was flat at best and achieving increased orders was extremely difficult.

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    CO2 live fish containers near completion


    CO 2 technology that anesthetises fish for long-distance transportation is almost ready for real-life application.

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    Daikin Industries launches low GWP refrigerant


    Daikin Industries, Ltd., air conditioner and refrigerant manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan, announced in March the launch of R-407H refrigerant, which has approximately 62% lower global warming potential (GWP) than commonly used R-404A refrigerant today.

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    Toshiba starts fuel cell system in Japan


    Toshiba Corporation’s first 100kW pure hydrogen (H 2 ) fuel cell system has started operations in Japan.

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    Cryogenic Industries group acquired


    Cryogenic Industries Holdings, Inc. has been acquired in a 100% takeover by Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

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    Financials: Air Water in recovery, Iwatani remains flat


    Both Air Water Inc. and Iwatani Corporation have released financial results for the first three quarters of fiscal year 2017, having carved out diverse results after following different industry trends.

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    Kobe Steel opens 40 MW compressor test facility


    Kobe Steel compressor site Source: Kobe Steel Kobe Steel’s 40MW compressor test facility: Designed to meet the growing need for large-capacity compressors in the world market. The Machinery Business of Kobe Steel, Ltd. has opened a new 40MW compressor test facility as it aims ...

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    Linde redefines plant engineering with virtual reality


    The Engineering Division within the Linde Group will be showcasing a new virtual reality (VR) application for the first time at the Gastech 2017 tradeshow in Tokyo.

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    Gastech 2017 conference and exhibition commences


    Today, oil and gas Supermajors, senior policymakers and key industry executives will gather at the Gastech Exhibition and Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The four-day event will assist attendees from the up, mid and downstream natural gas and LNG sector to discover new solutions, ideas and business connections.

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    Linde brings modularisation to plant engineering


    Through its new, dedicated ‘Competence Centre Modularisation’ (CCM), The Linde group is bringing modular designs to large industrial plants.

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    Air Liquide builds Japanese H2 infrastructure


    Air Liquide Japan is continuing to build out the hydrogen (H 2 ) infrastructure in Japan after completing the construction of its new station in Kobe city.

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    Q&A: Symbio’s vice-president on emission-free H2 vehicles


    Symbio, the French Leader and manufacturer of hydrogen (H 2 ) fuel cell vehicles in Europe, has announced a hydrogen fuel cell integration to Nissan electric vehicle to tackle air pollution in urban areas.

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    The importance of the local gas business in Japan


    According to the Gas Review, it is estimated that the size of the Japanese industrial gas market in 2016 was up by 2.2% over the previous year, totalling ¥548.2bn ($4.8bn). This is the estimated total sales price of the main gases, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), hydrogen (H 2 ), ...

  • Air liquide japan opens new hydrogen site in kyushu

    Air Liquide opens H2 station in Japan


    Air Liquide Japan has officially completed the construction of a new public hydrogen (H 2 ) station in Miyawaka City, Fukuoka.

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    TNSC reveals future growth expansion plans


    Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) has revealed a finalised version of its new four-year medium-term management plan in which it aims to ‘emerge onto a still wider stage.’

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    Gastech welcomes JERA to LNG conference


    JERA, the Japanese energy giant, purchased LNG from the US for the first time at the beginning of January this year.

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    Symbio integrates fuel cell into electric vehicles


    Symbio, the French designer and manufacturer, has integrated its fuel cell into the Japanese manufactured Nissan electric vehicles to create a new electric-hydrogen (H2) hybrid.