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  • Aranet4 Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    CO2Meter to distribute Aranet indoor air quality monitors


    CO2Meter has announced a new partnership with leading IoT innovator SAF Tehnika to distribute Aranet devices in North America.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    In this month’s regional market series, gas world Business Intelligence focuses on Eastern Europe. The region has experienced better growth than its Western neighbour, chiefly due to the fact many more emerging markets are found in the East.

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    Elme Messer Gaas opens fully automated gas filling station in Riga


    Elme Messer Gaas has opened a new fully automated gas filling station in the Baltic States, Riga – an investment worth €6m, of which more that €1.3m was received as a grant from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

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    HyGear delivers hydrogen compressor station


    HyGear has completed the construction and delivery of a hydrogen (H 2 ) compressor station to the city of Riga in Latvia.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe


    Last month gas world explored the gas industries of Western Europe, where economic uncertainty prevails in the midst of a number of largely political dynamics. Here we turn to Eastern Europe, where a similar outlook exists, albeit for different, geo-political reasons.

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    The industrial gas world in 2017 – Part 2


    As 2016 draws to a close, gas world looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2017. Here you can find gas world’s edited highlights, from the Europe region.

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    HyGear supplies hydrogen to power Latvian transport


    Onsite gas generation specialist HyGear has secured a contract to supply a hydrogen (H 2 ) generation system for Latvia’s budding H 2 mobility sector alongside energy and electromobility industry company Hydrogenis.

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    Riga orders 10 hydrogen-powered trolleybuses


    Latvian public transport operator Rigas Satiksme has signed a contract with Solaris, a European producer of special-purpose buses and low-floor trams, for the supply of 10 low-floor trolleybuses equipped with hydrogen fuel cell range extenders.

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    Nel advances Latvian H2 infrastructure


    Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a business division of Nel ASA, will help advance the hydrogen (H 2 ) infrastructure in Latvia after being awarded a contract by SIA Hydrogenis.