LifeGuard Technologies, a US company specialised in industrial safety, has officially opened a new branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, called ‘LifeGuard Technologies – South America.’

The expansion echoes the LifeGuard global geo-expansion strategy aimed at strengthening the company’s presence across the globe.

The aim is to be able to provide its patent pending technology, services and solutions to an expanding customer base and worldwide partners. 

Andy Abrams, Executive Vice-President of LifeGuard, stated, “We have closely monitored the Latin American market, and in particular Argentina, for several years, and we believe the time is right to build a strong, local and experienced team in that area. This will further extend our global network in Latin America with its 650 million population and its vast natural resources.”

The new branch will be fronted by Mauro Schafer, who has over 12 years of expertise in helium (He) handling and is US certified with BOC and Air Products in the US, Argentina and Chile.

The Pennsylvania-based business is already a major supplier to Tier One corporation, Air Liquide, and is the global preferred supplier for fellow Tier One player, Praxair.


LifeGuard is known for its ‘LifeGuard Safety Hose’ technology and provides cost effective improvements in industrial safety. It has worldwide facilities in India, Canada, Sweden, Egypt and Australia.