LifeGuard Technologies, a company specialising in safety hose technology, has recently completed a project for industrial gas giant, Air Liquide US Industrial LP, to replace all its hydrogen (H2) refilling hoses.

The project saw the Pennsylvania-based business supply over 550 convoluted high pressure metallic LifeGuard safety hoses to the US conglomerate, which specialises in the delivery of gas solutions and technologies to a wide range of industries.

Life guard hydrogen hose

LifeGuard’s hoses utilise a design which eliminates the potential for disaster through the use of an internal cable or engineered compression spring, connected to specially designed and normally unseated valves at each end of the spring.

In the event of hose separation, by either unsafe stretching or coupling-to-hose separations, the valves are released and will instantly ‘seat-stop’ the flow in both directions.

Chad Laflin, Industrial Manager of Engineering Technologies at the Tier One US base, commented, “Not only does this project display Air Liquide’s commitment to safety, it also represents a standard for safe hose design for the industry.”

Towards the end of 2014, Air Liquide US put in the request to replace all of its H2 filling hoses with LifeGuard Safety hoses for its internal shut-down system. The entire project was successfully delivered within six months, including delivery and installation.


LifeGuard Technologies is based in Philadelphia and started out with work in cryogenics in 1958. Today, the company has hoses worldwide in all industries and applications and aims to revolutionise the fluid transfer industry by providing leading safe hose technology.