Hydrogen infrastructure development company LIFTE H2, headquartered in the US with a German subsidiary, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Switzerland’s Burckhardt Compression to develop a joint offering of Hydrogen solutions to the market.

The combination of LIFTE H2’s product and project development services and Burckhardt Compression’s technology and global service capability provides ‘differentiated long-term and integrated value for our customers’ according to a statement from Burckhardt.

LIFTE H2 is implementing advanced product and services roadmaps, coordinated with a campaign of infrastructure projects, and a collaborative business model that provides corporate partners a higher degree of control over their future low-carbon energy needs.

When coupled with Burckhardt Compression’s high pressure, high flow export compressor technology, a differentiated level of infrastructure performance, reliability and cost is deployed into hard-to-decarbonise applications – helping to advance the industry towards mass market adoption of hydrogen.

What does each party bring to the table?

In order to manage the complexity of maturing supply chain level performance and reliability, LIFTE H2 has developed the most advanced digital platform in the hydrogen industry for asset performance management.

To advance the value of this platform from its side, Burckhardt Compression is adding its asset specific expertise, machine monitoring, and maintenance capabilities to the overall service offering. Burckhardt has gained extensive experience and know-how in hydrogen compression solutions over the last several decades and is continuously developing compression technology for energy and mobility applications.

With a history of over 178 years, Burckhardt Compression is maintaining a global manufacturing and service offering, supplying new compression solutions and supporting customers with a full range of services throughout the entire life cycle.