Lincoln Electric has expanded the features and capabilities of the PIPEFAB™ Welding System with the launch of new software updates and a CE model.

The free software update introduces a handful of powerful new process control options that further improve simplicity and machine performance for both operators and managers.


Source: Lincoln Electric

In addition, the release of the CE model and expanded language options deliver a truly global solutions to meet the needs of pipe and vessel operations globally.

“This latest update is all about our Ready-to-Run™ philosophy and brings a host of new features that further enhance the value of this already successful product, and with the release of the CE model, we can now deliver it on the global stage,” said Sheldon Wray, Product Manager at Lincoln Electric.

“We are taking ease-of-use to new heights for operators by providing them with new user interface features that enable them to maximise arc time without having to worry about complicated machine settings.”

“For supervisors and managers, the software updates establish new features for advanced process control that enable a higher level of standardisation across their floor shop.”