Lincoln Electric has introduced its latest product, the VIKING™ 3350 XG PAPR helmet, complete with exterior grind control.

The Cleveland-based company notes that when choosing a powered air purifying respirator for a fabrication environment, its respiratory performance, versatility and optic quality are three important variables to consider – all of which the VIKING 3350 XG PAPR helmet offers.

“When welding must be performed in enclosed or other areas where it’s difficult to access effective ventilation or control exposure to welding fume, one option is personal protective equipment for the individual operator,” said Chase Rutti, Product Manager of Accessories.

The VIKING™ 3350 XG PAPR helmet features a low-profile external button to switch between weld and grind mode, a smart blower system, and an extra-large 12.5 sq. inch auto-darkening lens with Lincoln Electric’s exclusive 4C® Lens technology.

Offering comfort and safety for the welder, the helmet also features a unique, patented airflow design. The airduct is integrated into the top of the headgear and features two air flow baffles, which the user can adjust to change the direction and distribution of the set air flow.

“Our new VIKING™ 3350 XG PAPR system, with a popular exterior grind control, helps the operator save time with easy access to the most common fabricator activities – welding and grinding for pre- or post-joint preparation,” Rutti continued.


Source: Lincoln Electric