In collaboration with The Harris Products Group, Lincoln Electric® has launched a new learning experience that allows users to practice torch cutting safely and virtually.

Bringing together both welding and cutting for education, the VRTEX OxyFuel® provides advanced-level virtual reality welding simulation training experience for education or industrial environments.

From setting up the torch to executing the cut, each task is designed to simulate real-world cutting applications. Instructors can use the VRTEX OxyFuel feature for an introduction and reinforcement of cutting practices.

Commenting on the release, Ira Bennett, Director of Marketing for The Harris Products Group, said, “The Harris Products Group and Lincoln Electric collaboration raises the bar by offering the best state-of-the-art welding simulations.”

“The addition of OxyFuel to Lincoln’s VRTEX 360 and Transport models offers instructors and students an all-encompassing welding simulation experience.”

Jason Scales, Business Manager, Education for Lincoln Electric, added, “Lincoln Electric is committed to continually offering best-in-class, innovative, virtual learning experiences for new and seasoned welders alike.”

“The VRTEX OxyFuel Cutting feature allows users a lifelike simulated cutting experience that will prepare them to apply their skills in the field.”

Other benefits of the VRTEX OxyFuel include:

  • Faster training
  • Increased certification rate
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Streaming capabilities for remote learning


Source: Lincoln Electric