Lincoln Electric® has revealed it’s trying to ‘take the hard out of hardfacing’ with an expansion of its hardfacing consumables product line.

The expansion will include new Lincore® flux-cored wires and a small-shop-friendly packaging.

A staggered launch will include a number of new and existing Lincore hardfacing wires on 10 lb (15 kg) spools in 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) diameter. These changes deliver a convenient and lower priced package for sale in authorized distributor stores.

Denise Harpster, Lincoln Electric Product Manager, Hardfacing, said, “Our hardfacing team is focused on delivering a full product offering for a wide variety of hardfacing applications, including the demand for smaller diameters and packaging that are just right for small shop maintenance and repair projects. And, we are especially excited about the opportunity to create custom formulations that allow customers to obtain new productivity, quality or cost-saving advantages in their operations.”

Three new Lincore hardfacing wires are launching:

  • Lincore 70-G – Severe abrasion metal-cored wire with up to two times more wear than most chrome carbide or complex carbide alloys, especially for wet abrasion applications
  • Lincore 57-G – General abrasion and impact metal-cored wire with a broad range of applications, including metal-to-metal wear with moderate impact or mining, agricultural or shredding equipment.
  • Lincore 420HC-S – For overlay deposits that resist metal-to-metal wear and mild corrosion such as continuous caster roll rebuilding.

In addition to the new products, the expanded line includes new diameters or packages for existing products, including:

  • Lincore® 50 – Abrasion + Impact FCAW-S wire
  • Lincore® 55 – Metal-to-Metal FCAW-S wire
  • Lincore® 55-G – Metal-to-Metal FCAW-G wire
  • Lincore® 60-O – Severe Abrasion GMAW-C wire
  • Lincore® BU-G – Build-Up FCAW-G wire