Lincoln Electric has added a new portable wire feeder to its Activ8X® line of rugged, field-ready wire feeders.

Called Activ8x® Pipe™, the innovation is designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions and is lightweight to make transportation to and around a job site as easy as possible.

Like many other Lincoln Electric products, the Activ8x® Pipe™ also features a user interface to allow operations to easily control the entire welding process.

On the product launch, David Jordan, Global Industry Segment Director of Process Industries at Lincoln Electric, said, “Field welding applications running GMAW and FCAW can be demanding, as it requires a wire feeder solution that provides portability, reliability and the variety of welding process for different applications and materials.”

“Thanks to the new Activ8x Pipe, we now have an ideal solution to effectively meet these requirements; offering a rugged, lightweight wire feeder packed with the advanced technology typically used in shop environments that you can now take out to the field or in remote locations.”

Lincoln’s latest innovation features the company’s CrossLinc® and CableView™ technology will allows for simple system set-up and use, eliminating the need to additional control cables.