Lincoln Electric has unveiled its new CNC plasma cutting table, the Torchmate 4510.

Built with the same design of the Torchmate 400 series tables, the Torchmate 4510 is expanded to a five-foot by ten-foot configuration.

“The new CNC machine keeps all of the premium components of the 4000 series tables, including FlexCut® plasma cutters, reliable motion controls, an easy-to-use touchscreen and user-friendly Torchmate CAD software,” Lincoln Electric said in a statement. 

Lincoln Electric designed the Torchmate 4510 table for improved production capabilities for those looking to optimise metal cutting. The machine offers the ability to accommodate a full 5x10 sheet of metal up to one inch thick when equipped with the optional FlexCut 125 power supply.

Using 5x10 sheets of metal provides 36% more material capacity than a 4x8 sheet, maximising the number of parts that can be cut out and reducing material handling time.

“Torchmate technology brings over four decades of research and innovation to meet clients’ unique plate cutting needs worldwide. Manufactured in Reno, Nevada, Torchmate machines offer industry-leading performance and service that delivers proven reliability, simple ease of use, and maximum production efficiency,” Lincoln Electric continued.

“Fabricators from every industry can rely on this machine to consistently cut accurate metal parts day in and day out.”


Source: Lincoln Electric