Lincoln Electric has launched its new Process HDT solution for the heavy fabrication industry to double the deposition rates typically seen in single-wire processes.

Announcing the launch on Monday (2nd August), the Ohio-based company said that by combining a new high-deposition waveform with a specially formulated metal-cored wire, Process HDT delivers deposition rates that exceed Tandem MIG applications, with the set-up of a single-wire application.

Utilising the Power Wave® S700 Power Source, Metalshield® HDT™ Metal-Cored Wire and licensed Process HDT Waveform1, Process HDT provides a complete GMAW-C solution for high-deposition, multi-pass welding applications. 

On the product launch, Troy Gurkin, Global Industry Segment Director- Heavy Fabrication, said, “Fabricators continue to be challenged with producing more and improving quality without introducing added complexity into their welding operations.”

“Process HDT provides a solution for that challenge, delivering the ultimate combination of automated high-deposition welding and ease of application all while driving productivity levels that exceed Tandem MIG at a fraction of the cost and complexity.”