Linde, Air Liquide and Chart Industries have joined forces with eight other companies to form a new coalition focused on advancing hydrogen developments in the US.

Launched yesterday (2nd Feb), Hydrogen Forward brings together companies invested in all links of the hydrogen value chain, from source to service, with a common goal of realising hydrogen’s potential to power our daily lives and decarbonise energy intensive industries.

Anglo America, Bloom Energy, CF Industries, Cummins, Hyundai, McDermott, Shell and Toyota are also part of the group and believe that accelerating investment in hydrogen will help the US deliver on its climate goals.

“Chart Industries has been producing hydrogen-related equipment for over 50 years, and we are continuing to discover its many applications as a safe, reliable and versatile fuel,” said Jillian Evanko, President and CEO of Chart Industries.

“We believe hydrogen will be a key part of the clean energy transition, and our products make it possible for hydrogen to be used in delivery trucks, forklifts, cars, power generation, and even aerospace. We are pleased to be a part of Hydrogen Forward with such great partners to continue to build hydrogen solutions.”

“As we work towards achieving a carbon-neutral future, the US has the opportunity to help decarbonise large sectors of the global supply chain while stimulating the US economy by investing in hydrogen,” said Steve Angel, CEO of Linde.

“With the world changing at a rapid pace, we need smart climate solutions to tackle our generation’s greatest challenges,” said Michael Graff, Chairman and CEO American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. and Executive Vice-President of Air Liquide Group.

“Air Liquide and our Hydrogen Forward partners believe hydrogen, and its various applications, is one of the solutions we need to power a sustainable future that benefits our global society.”