Designed and built by Linde Engineering, Europe’s most powerful hydrogen refuelling station for trucks has been started up by Austrian food retailer MPREIS.

Based in Voels, Austria, the station is capable of supplying fuel to four trucks per hour, with the ten-minute refuelling process delivering a maximum of 40kg of hydrogen per truck – equivalent to 400 litres of diesel. 

To advance its decarbonisation goals, MPREIS will see its own fleet of fuel-cell trucks supplied with green hydrogen produced on site. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Alexander Unterschuetz, Senior Vice President Components, Linde Engineering, said, “The hydrogen refuelling station sets a new gold standard for speed while maintaining the same Linde engineering commitment to safety.”

Here we have implemented a number of innovations, including a new standardised refuelling protocol for trucks.” 

MPREIS is the first medium-sized company in Austria to supply its food markets carbon dioxide (CO2)-neutral and emission free. 

“The conversion of our truck fleet to fuel cell vehicles, which are refuelled with green hydrogen at our own filling station in Voels, is a real milestone,” added Peter Paul Mölk, Managing Director, MPREIS.