The Linde Romania Healthcare team have been providing training on how to use a vital piece of medical equipment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ventilators are an essential part of life support, providing life-saving oxygenation when the lungs are no longer able to function properly on their own. 

A shortage of ventilators globally has been defined as one of the most critical topics since the pandemic began, but the challenges for hospitals do not end with the acquisition of the devices.

For patients safety it is crucial that medical personnel are receiving proper and competent training, Linde explained.

Therefore, the Linde Romania Healthcare team has been delivering and ensuring that the installation of the devices, circuits, ventilation modes and parameters are done properly.

The trainings held by respiratory therapy specialists are critical to make sure that the medical staff uses the medical ventilators safely and correctly, Linde said.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Romania has reported 15,362 cases of coronavirus and 972 fatalities.