Dutch LNG technology developer LIQAL is partnering with German EPC company Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH (FAS) to expand Germany’s LNG station network.

The market for LNG as a transport fuel is growing strongly in Germany, thanks in part to stable tax schemes and a road tax exemption for LNG-powered trucks until the end of 2023.

Based in Salzgitter in Lower Saxony, Germany, FAS provides project and permit preparations, and installation and servicing solutions for LNG filling stations.

The company has 40 years’ experience installing and maintaining gas service stations and have a large, established network of service staff to carry out regular maintenance.

The partnership meets LIQAL’s own objectives to expand its reach across new territories in Europe and beyond.

LIQALs patented BOG re-liquefaction system BTU

Source: LIQAL

LIQAL’s CEO Jorg Raven explained, “By working in collaboration with local partners throughout Europe, we can contribute faster to the ultimate goal of switching from polluting diesel to cost-effective LNG and bio-LNG, to help meet Europe’s climate goal targets.”

The joint marketing and development of LNG fuelling systems in Germany is key to this new partnership.

It highlights the importance of cross-border cooperation to deliver and expand the network of LNG refuelling stations for heavy road transport operators and truck drivers.

Together, LIQAL and FAS can offer turnkey projects complete with specialist maintenance and aftercare services to the German market.

LIQAL will have its first physical presence in the German market at the beginning of 2021, through the delivery of several LNG filling station projects that are currently in production.

As Germany scales up to respond to LNG demand and adapt to the energy transformation, both companies are looking forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration.