MagneGas® Corporation has expanded its industrial gas and welding supply business sales team with the appointment of a senior supply chain industry executive.

Whilst the identity of the new hire remained anonymous, it is understood that the appointment is an extension of the company’s continued focus to effectively compete in the industrial gas and welding supply industry.

The new employee is expected to bring up to 80 distinct automotive fabrication and manufacturing facility relationships to the US-based business in the next two years.

These links are anticipated to help drive sales, including a mixture of proprietary sales of its metal cutting fuel MagneGas2®, as well as traditional industrial gases and welding supplies typically required by metal fabricating facilities in global automotive industries.

CEO Ermanno Santilli said that this post represents a “significant step” towards a much broader infiltration of target automotive markets, whilst Scott Mahoney, Chief Financial Officer, added, “We believe that our organic growth strategy is highly complemental to our acquisition strategy in the industrial gas and welding supply vertical.”

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